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Build Your Network & Business Relationships

#TLH is a global community of Project, Programme & Change Management professionals

#TLH - What's it all About?

Tony Lockwood, the founder of #TLH shares the background and his vision for #TLH in a brief video.

Who is #TLH for

Put simply, anyone who is active in programme, change and transformation activities. 

It doesn't matter whether you are employed or operate in an interim capacity.  All sectors and specialisations are welcome.

Transformation Directors

Chief Transformation Officers, Programme Directors, Change Directors etc.

Programme Managers

Programme Leads, Head of Programmes etc.

Change Leaders

Change Managers, Organisational Design Consultants, Trainers etc.

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Leads, Business Improvement Managers etc.

PMO Leads

PMO Managers, Risk Managers, Planners, Reporting Analysts etc.

Project Leads

Project Managers, Project Support Staff, Business Analysts etc.

What does membership offer - as an individual?

Facilitated Introductions

Proactive support to help you build your network and establish new collaborative relationships with your peers and potential clients/ employers


Virtual and in person events, round tables, webinars and networking opportunities are organised both centrally but also by members for members - a great opportunity to learn, discuss and make new connections 

Personalised Support

Building your personal brand, and differentiating yourself in a crowded market is an essential skill to have if you are to maximise your career potential. Our Learning Centre is jam packed with guides, templates and trainings to help you do just that. 

our Approach

The goal of #TLH is to radically change the way that organisations resource their programme, change and transformation programmes, by providing a platform on which experienced transformation leaders can position themselves in the best possible light, share their experience and attract new off-market opportunities for career advancement, within a community of like-minded transformation leaders. 

A Peer to Peer Network

By focusing solely on Change & Transformation, #TLH is a true peer to peer network where experienced programme/ project leaders can meet other equally experienced people to share ideas, experiences and opportunities.  Furthermore, by providing open access to organisations seeking out people to join their programmes, #TLH will open up lots of new off-market opportunities for you to explore.

#TLH will provide you with the tools and help facilitate discussions. #TLH will equally seek out organisations requiring change and transformation professionals and invite them into the hub to meet our members to discuss their requirements.  

Collectively, #TLH will change the resourcing process for change and transformation talent for ever!

Laser Like Targeting

Get clear about your strengths and the type of organisation that you can add most value to

Personal Brand

Design your CV, #TLH & Linkedin profiles that actively attract opportunities to you

Build Strong Relationships

Establish collaborative relationships within your peer group - who knows what will result...

Develop Your Network

Strengthen the value that you deliver to your employer/ client by building our your network

Promote Your Experience

Take control by undertaking targeted proactive campaigns - we'll show you how

Get Referrals

Generate and receive opportunities for new jobs/ projects from across the #TLH community

What some of our existing members say about us

Jill Gaskell

"I’ve spent some time this morning browsing the #TLH site and have to say I think it’s brilliant!"

Nick Churchman

"#TLH is THE network for the times we live in – a brilliant place to meet, collaborate with, and learn from like-minded individuals and you should join today"

Richard Lucas

"The networking events have been particularly successful, pitched at just the right level to allow members freedom to explore connections""

Dave Reeves

""The value of our professional network, is critically important now that we are working, virtually, more than we ever have before. The Transformation Leaders Hub in a short period of time is already proving to be the network community for change and transformation professionals, with effective tools to enable members to connect, collaborate and engage on a range of topics. I recommend you join today!""

Steve Dover

"The Transformation Leaders Hub is proving to be a real asset for me in proactively advancing my network of professionals and powerfully joining up our collective experience.  I am finding that meeting peers and other professionals from a cross-section of sectors is catalytic to new ideas and thinking prompting more innovative approaches to transformation and change.   During these times of lockdown it has also been a sociable on line meeting place infused with an element of fun."

Peter Roberts

"I was delighted to get invited to join TLH.  I was amazed at what I found when I got involved"

How Does #TLH Benefit Corporates?

How do you resource your change and transformation programmes presently? 

Who do you turn to to help you source the very best talent? 

Is the cost of this support prohibitive?  

Would you like an alternative?  

That is the premise of #TLH.  Having operated in all of the core roles - a corporate buyer, a freelance consultant and in recent years as a 'recruiter' intermediating the process, I believe that the existing process is flawed and I decided to do something about it! 

Introducing #TLH - the only resource that you will need in the future!  

#TLH provides you with complete access to our community of experienced change and transformation professionals - you are completely free to search our network for the your specific needs, to make direct contact and agree terms, to interact and attract the very best to you. 

Oh and did I say?  You can do all this without incurring any costs whatsoever

Now that's a different proposition isn't it?

Tony Lockwood,  Founder & CEO

Open Access to the Network

Unlimited access to the full #TLH community

Promote Your Vacancies

Allow our AI Technology to match your needs to the relevant members or post your Vacancies on our Job Board

Gain Insights & Guidance

Engage with our community, build strong relationships and read about successful project delivery 

Our USP!

#TLH has turned the resourcing approach for change and transformation talent on its head.

By building a true peer to peer community of experienced transfortmation leaders and by actively facilitating free and open discussions between members and with potential employers/ clients, we have given control back to you!

#TLH provides you with the ideal platform on which to hone your approach, promote your experience and build long lasting collaborative relationships that will generate benefits for years to come.

No longer are you beholden to recruitment agencies, no longer will you be frustrated by the lack of response when you apply for a role, no longer will you feel alone and unsure about where to turn to next when looking for your next career move. 

Make the wise move and join The Transformation Leaders Hub today

The #TLH Philosophy

After 25+ years in delivering change and transformation across multiple sectors, I look back on my career and can honestly say that the vast majority of roles and opportunities have originated from my network.

I have engaged with agencies of course, both as a candidate and as a client.  My experience - there are some strong individuals but equally many that just don't get what we do and the value that we bring!  This experience led me to launch Thompson Wright Partners in 2018 to build upon my existing network and to open this up to organisations that need help and support in delivering their change agenda.

The Transformation Leaders Hub (#TLH) is the natural development of this approach and aims to radically change the way that we, as change and transformation practitioners engage with client organisations, irrespective of whether we are looking for a permanent role or a project to get our teeth into.

Tony Lockwood, Founder & CEO

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