Like most things launched by Apple, the success of the Apple Watch has been phenomenal – 52 million were shipped between 2018/19 alone!

But what makes them so attractive to people and what can you take from their approach that you can apply to your career/ consulting business?

I believe that the success of the Apple Watch, like most things, leaves clues that you can adapt and apply to your future success – the 4 core lessons are;

  1. Focus

The Apple Watch has a number of functions that enables you to focus on what’s important. This is an essential skill to develop and embrace in 2022.

So many of us sweat the detail of stuff that just doesn’t matter and run out of time on the things that really will make a difference.

Your ability to focus on the important stuff is essential.

Within the #TLH 1% Club Consulting Academy Programme, for those that have a desire to build and scale a consulting business, we go one stage further and help you to get ultra focused on your ‘offer’ by becoming a ‘specialist in one sector and one challenge/ issue’ – this enables you to target very specifically your ideal client and talk directly to them.

  1. Stay Connected

Your network is as important today as it’s ever been – in fact, I’d go as far as saying that it is probably more important than ever. Especially in the change and transformation space, where we are either working in a programme or looking for our next challenge.

In my experience, over 95% of all of the projects I’ve been involved in, have originated from my network and I know that many others have a similar experience.

That was one of the main factors in launching The Transformation Leaders Hub (#TLH) – providing a community exclusively for those working in project, programme, change and transformation.

By encouraging and facilitating you to connect with your peers, we have found time and time again, that opportunities open up and collaborations are created.

Interested in getting involved with #TLH? Click here for more details

  1. Track Your Progress

One of the big benefits of the Apple Watch is that it is constantly tracking your habits and performance and presents you with a dashboard of information highlighting where you have exceeded your performance goals as well as those areas where more focus is required.

Whether you are focused on developing your career or building and scaling a consulting business, you need to be clear about your performance goals or objectives and have a simple way to monitor progress so that you can adapt your approach at the right time to keep you on track.

Do you have a set of defined career goals or business performance metrics right now?

If not, why not?

  1. Accountability

The Apple Watch provides a great way to help measure your progress and keep you accountable. Beyond just the “close your rings,” motivation, the integration between the Watch and Apple’s new Fitness+ is really good and really encourages you to stay in the game.

The benefit of an accountability group cannot be underestimated and is a must, I believe for all business owners – the ability to share your goals and objectives with others, to discuss and gain an external perspective during times of challenge as well as the positive feeling of sharing your successes with others is a proven approach for high performance.

Accountability is at the very centre of the #TLH 1% Club Consulting Academy Programme – both 121 and group style will ensure that you remain on track to build and scale a consulting business to 7/8 figures, whilst celebrating collectively as you and others achieve major milestones on your/ their journeys.

Equally, #TLH provides multiple opportunities to create Accountability Groups with other members.

If you’re interested in building and scaling a consulting business in 2022, why not try our “Creating Wealth from Consulting” assessment – 22 questions covering 5 essential aspects. At the end, you’ll be presented with a personalised report highlighting those areas of strengths as well as areas that may require more focus to be successful.


These 4 principles that make the Apple Watch so successful can and should be applied to your career and business moving forward. The outcome will be greater focus, a more engaged network, the ability to see how things are progressing and significantly greater accountability to ensure that you keep on track.

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