Previous posts including Focus on Your Value Proposition and 7 Steps to Email Success have highlighted the need to position yourself in the right way to the right people on a consistent basis.

This post goes a little further and establishes 4 ways that you can improve your visibility and open up a consistent flow of new change and transformation career opportunities.

At a time when everyone can share content with anyone, it’s important to set yourself up as a ‘thoughtleader’ in your field. Producing engaging, relevant and informative content not only demonstrates your expertise but also positions you in such a way that the industry will look to you as a reliable and authoritative source of insight.

To be considered a thought-leader, you’ll need to post regular, scheduled content and provide a unique insight rather than regurgitating others’ points of view.

Ensure that you have a different point of view and consider these four aspects to maximise the impact of your efforts

  1. Get input from your colleagues and clients/ employers
    While it is great to talk about why you are the best on your website, social media and external outlets – a great way to build further credibility is to let others market for you. Testimonials, stories, and videos interviews with colleagues, clients/ employers are really powerful and will truly benefit your competitive positioning in the market and aid relationship building by allowing your audience to see the evidence for themselves and hear positive experiences from others that they can relate to.
  2. Align marketing and sales activities
    It is important that both your marketing activities and your sales focus work together to ensure consistency and enhance your positioning. What does this look like? Well, it’s about getting your messaging consistent. You don’t want your social media positioning to be saying one thing and then contradict this in face to face meetings. It is therefore key to get your positioning right and then deliver this in a consistent way across all of your sales and marketing activities.
  3. Utilise all social channels
    To really increase your reach and make the most of your content, you should be utilising multiple social media platforms. Social media is a great way to raise brand awareness, audience engagement and increase conversion rates. It is an organic source of information which attracts viewers and relies on optimising good content. This can range from blogs to videos/ images but can always be used across multiple platforms. Repurposing and sharing good content will amplify your success and can even lead to your next potential client. So post a blog, share a link on Linkedin, create a video talking about the content within the blog to be posted on Youtube, share a link to all via Twitter etc etc.
  4. Maintain consistency
    As we have stated already, consistency is key to maintaining a successful brand. Whilst it can be easy to let regular content slip as other priorities take up your time, it’s important to communicate and feed into your audience’s interests constantly. Keeping relevant and up to date on current events is also essential to building your career as a stop – and – start approach won’t gain attention, loyalty or help you leverage your brand.

Need help in this?

Work through the Essentials Training within the #TLH Learning Centre and reach out to me to discuss this further.

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