It's great to invite you to join our




We are invested in your success and have pulled together the four key areas you need, to ensure success in your consulting business;


Our step by step, self paced learning outlines exactly what you need to do to complete each activity and the templates and cheat sheets give you the fastest route to success.  We also go live every week with training and guidance so that you have the most consistent cutting edge ideas and methodology.


From time for lead generation to time for sales follow up and closing, you will discover the real strength of separating yourself timewise to ensure that you are ‘all-in’ on each activity. The Daily Sessions and Deep Dive Sessions are there to keep you on track and the combination of our team and your alumni colleagues will ensure you retain the desired focus.


Making sure that you have the time just for you is so important, from personal onboarding calls, to your first strategy session and then weekly catch ups with your Sprint Coaches along with daily engagement within the online sessions, when you need support, we will be by your side.


The people that you meet within the 1% Club Alumni will become lifelong friends and business associates.  The alumni sessions provide you with a wonderful opportunity to share hyper specific growth challenges with people who are experiencing the same challenges as you.


Strategy Sessions

At the start of each month, you will set your strategy for the period. Our Velocity Coaches will be on-hand to work with you in identifying the activities you need to undertake to be successful.

Sprint Sessions

The core Sprint Sessions are broken down into comprehensive self-paced learning modules which are delivered through step-by-step videos, templates, cheat sheets and guides.

Velocity Sessions

Two/ three times a week, a Sprint Coach will be on hand to help you with your journey.  These are open sessions – 60 minutes to get answers to your questions and to learn from the experience of other participants.

Deep Dive Sessions

On a weekly basis, we have either a Sprint Coach or guest Expert host a deep dive session on a specific part of the 1% Club process.  From marketing to outreach and all the way through to legacy creation, these sessions provide amazing additional content and will take you deeper into the world of scaling your consulting business

An Alumni Group

This is the main hangout for everyone within the 1% Club programme, from new members through to seasoned consulting business owners.  It’s a lively and momentum driven group of high achievers ready to give advice and share wins. From setting your ‘3 Things Monday’ where you target the three most important actions of the week, to sharing your weekly successes, however big or small, this group is a true Alumni that you will call upon as your scale your consulting business.


On a weekly/ monthly basis, we will conduct a review of the progress that you have made, focused upon the actions that you have committed to undertake.  These are peer to peer review sessions that follow a unique methodology and will provide you time to reflect on how far you’ve come and prioritise what’s next. You will also benefit from amazing insights from your alumni. 


Everyone knows that all investments have risks!

But when you join #TLH 1% Club 90 Day Challenge, I have made it physically impossible for you to lose.

Here’s how we do that;

We know that as an absolute minimum, you will need to feel that you’ve had value for money.  Different people will measure this in different ways – some may look to break even, some will want a specific return whilst others will see value from just having someone to turn to when things get tough!

Our entire philosophy is aligned to ensuring that you achieve your objectives when joining this programme.

We therefore guarantee that if for whatever reason you don’t feel that you’ve had value from the 90 days programme, if you’re not completely happy with the level of support that you’ve received and don’t feel confident in your abilities to build and scale a consulting business and create real wealth in the years ahead, we honestly expect you to ask for a full and immediate refund. The only stipulation is that you complete the 90 Day Programme and engage actively within the programme.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to find other investments as secure as that!

We know that if you follow the process and commit to your future success as much as we will, then you will succeed in building and scaling a consulting business and realising a significant financial asset in years to come.

Hopefully, this guarantee takes away that final niggling doubt in your mind by making it a no brainer.

We are invested in your future success and if we can’t help you, we will gladly refund your money – no strings attached.

Tony Lockwood

Tony Lockwood