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In this enriching episode of the Transformation Leaders podcast, Tony is joined by Niki Avraam, a dynamic lawyer, entrepreneur, and change agent.

Niki opens about her unconventional approach to law. She narrates the distinctive, transformative journey in the legal field that defied traditional norms and paved her path to success. Nikki’s narrative highlights how rounding off the edges of traditional law practices can unlock doors to innovative practices, contribute to societal change, and drive you towards a fulfilling career.

As an intrinsically motivated ‘legal entrepreneur’, Nikki turned the tables within the legal profession. Nikki discusses her co-founding a commercial law firm in London and reveals the secret sauce – a work environment that cherishes diversity and encourages autonomy. This episode delves deep into Nikki’s aspirations for the future workforce, a unique blend of leadership combined with personal life experiences that form a canvas of her professional accomplishments, and her perspective on transformation.

Underlying our deep-dive into Nikki’s passion for challenging the status quo is a compelling discussion on the essence of storytelling, transformation, and the ‘why’. Emphasizing the importance of operating outside comfort zones, we delve into fostering an adaptable, innovative approach to problems. Experience a discussion challenging traditional structures, especially in sectors like law, and uncover strategies to navigate resistance while aligning with the organization’s vision.

Listen in as we zero in on organizational growth principles, focusing on setting clear company values, understanding key stakeholder needs, tailoring messages to their viewpoints, and fostering an innovative, fail-friendly environment. We conclude with insights into how a growth mindset can become a catalyst for organizational transformation. Join us in this riveting chat as we explore the landscape of change, transformation, and leadership with purpose.

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About Tony Lockwood

After a 25 year career delivering change and transformation, Tony launched The Transformation Leaders Hub (#TLH) in 2020. #TLH’s core focus is to help members to standout from the crowd, build their network with their peers and open up new career opportunities.

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About Niki Avraam

A legal entrepreneur, pioneering a new era of leadership and workplace transformation through speaking and business advice. Passionate in her belief that when individuals are empowered with autonomy and agency in their roles, they naturally feel a sense of ownership and are more likely to be invested in the organisation’s goals. By nurturing this sense of ownership, we can unlock a pathway to individual and organisational success. 

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