There is a new feature on Linkedin that you need to adopt if you’re serious about standing out from the crowd.

If you’ve completed the #TLH Linkedin Essentials training within #TLH, you’ll know all about the importance of having a strong head and shoulder image within your profile and how this and your headline follow you around the Linkedin platform.

Well now, you can also upload a 30 second video that is presented within your ‘image’.

Take a look at my example –

This provides you with yet another way to get the message across and highlight the value that you can deliver.

By being limited to just 30 seconds, you need to be brief but remember, just like your headline, the purpose of this video should be to get the ‘visitor’ to scroll down and read your full profile, starting with the ‘About’ section.

As such, I’d recommend that you create a ‘tease’ within the video that will encourage the viewer to read down to understand more about the subject matter contained within the ‘tease’. In my example, I ask them whether they would like the assurance that their change and transformation programmes are on track and will deliver…

As always, test it out, try different videos and track the engagement levels until you find one that works best.

All you have to do is to click onto your existing profile image and you’ll be presented with a new pop up menu – click on the Create a Cover Story and follow the instructions.

Please share a link to your profile in the comments below so that we can all see your video.

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