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Transitioning from a 'project to project' lifestyle to scaling a consulting business

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Getting Your Head Right: Establishing a winning mindset is essential but how do you go about it? We take you step by step through a proven process within 4 separate modules, ensuring that you can be confident as you step into the world of consulting.
Establishing Your One Thing: The world is full of generalists. This is not a place where you want to be as you launch your consulting business. Across 3 modules, we will help you to define your positioning in the market, one that can ensure you win that first client within the next 90 days.
Getting Your Focus: Across 5 modules, you'll get absolute clarity on your vision for your consulting business, whilst establishing the routine activities required for you to deliver your objectives
Your Sales & Marketing Machine: An action orientated set of 16 modules, all aimed at helping you reach out to the right people at the right time with the right offer that they will be delighted to 'buy' from you.
Your Social Machine: The final 4 modules help you to bring everything together by utilising your social engagement to attract a regular flow of interested client prospects whilst positioning you in the right way.

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