#TLH Linkedin Essentials

How do you use the Linkedin platform?  Do you have a systematic approach to reach out to your ideal clients/ potential employers?  Does your profile stand out or blend in?

This Linkedin Essentials course will help you to get the maximum from your Linkedin presence.


In this course we show you how to use Linkedin to enhance your reputation, build a strong network of engaged connections within your ideal client/ employer organisations and nurture these to the point where career/ project opportunities open up.

This training includes a look at:

  • What Linkedin is and how it can benefit you in your change and transformation career
  • We review the core components highlighting how you can embrace each to help you stand out
  • We do a deep dive into your Linkedin Profile – what should it include, how should it be structured and introduce some simple ‘hacks’ that can elevate you
  • Building your network in a professional way that enhances your reputation and actively engages the very people that you want to talk to
  • How to nurture these relationships and build on your reputation so that your ideal client/ employer approaches you when opportunities arise
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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • 24 Sessions