I remember reading a quote in a marketing book many years ago – “nobody needs a ¼ inch drill, they need a ¼ inch hole”. On a call earlier this morning, the quote was introduced and was the catalyst for this post.

Why is this so important to those of us operating within change and transformation?

Well, like many ‘drill manufacturers’ who tell you how great their drills are, it is not uncommon to see CV/ online profiles of change and transformation professionals focus completely on how they do things and their unique skills and experience rather than focusing upon the ‘hole’ that the employer of client is looking to drill.

Instead of focusing your CV/ online profile on what you have done and how you have done it (95% of CVs adopt this style), instead, stand out from the crowd and focus on the outcomes that you have helped to deliver – these are what matter to prospective clients and employers.

By focusing on the value that you have delivered within your ‘marketing materials’ you’ll stand head and shoulders above the majority of other people and you’ll get noticed. 

Remember a CV and an online profile acts as your ‘advert’ and like any advert, the main objective is to get your ‘ideal’ client/ employer to stop in their tracks to take a deeper look – the way to do this is to highlight the value that you bring, worded in a way that means something to them.

We cover this in much more detail within the #TLH Essentials programme included within the #TLH membership – it provides a step by step guide to help you to understand the value that you deliver and how to get this message across in the most effective way.

Share your thoughts and ideas on what has worked for you in the comments below.

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