A Proactive Mindset

It's rarely the best qualified candidates that get the best jobs or projects


Every day there are hiring managers, recruitment agents and headhunters searching for people with your skills. Equally there are lots of people just like you hunting for jobs or projects.  

So how can you stand out from the crowd?  How can you start to attract these hiring managers to you?  Moreover, how can you gain access to the 1000's of jobs and projects that are hidden, never advertised. 

These are the questions that will be answered in this session and the subsequent five sessions within this 'Essentials' series.

The first step is to fundamentally change your mindset and move away from looking for a job and start to move towards looking for problems you can solve or opportunities you can maximise within potential employer/ client organisations.

"You must relearn how to search for opportunities and really focus on the value you can offer to employers/ clients in terms that they understand"

There are two ways to succeed in today's job market;

To succeed in both of these, you need to think and you must act - differently!

You need to view things through the lens of a sales & marketing campaign - the product being you!  

The impact of this is that you need to consider the market, you need to be clear about your offer, you need a lead generation machine and you need a great sales approach. 

Only when you have these things in place are you able to truly take control of your career.  Once they are in place, you are no longer reliant on other people, you’re not at the mercy of a recruiter and potential employers/ clients will start to search you out.

#TLH has been designed to help you, as a change and transformation leader to stand out, to help you to manage your career as a professional service provider, to help you to brand yourself in the right way, increase your perceived value to potential employers/ clients and to ultimately build a rewarding career.

Times have changed – the old adage of 'it's who you know' being the determinant factor in job hunting matters far less these days and has been replaced with "who knows you". As a result, the key skill to develop is the ability to attract attention. But it’s not just any attention!  Your ability to attract and harness the attention of your perfect employer/ client is the key.

On one level, the approach that we recommend is extremely simple;

Identify and build relationships with people who either do what you want to do or want you to do it! 

Let them know that you are available, why you are better than the competition, that you are creative and persistent and above all, demonstrate that you can deliver!

Key Lesson - The winners in today's job market are those that are best at marketing their talent

You have to change the way that you think about the job market.  These days, the best roles will undoubtedly go to the person that does the best job at positioning themselves as the solution to the challenges/ opportunities faced by their prospective employer/ client.

Your Approach from This Moment Onwards....

As we have stated previously, you need to accept that to get ahead these days;

What are Prospective Employers/ Clients looking for?

The key to any successful sales and marketing campaign is to start with a clear understanding of what your customer is looking for.  With this clarity, you are able to position your product (YOU) in a way that clearly demonstrates ‘why you can’t do without it’. 

People are motivated by two factors – they will move away from Pain and move towards Pleasure

However, moving away from Pain is significantly more prevalent, so as you start to consider what your prospective client/ employer needs, consider their pain points first and then get an understanding of what they are looking to move towards – their vision.

Being a great programme director or change lead is not good enough anymore – that should be a given.  To really stand out in the crowded market, you have to be able to emphasise those qualities that employers/ clients value above all else. These are;

So, as we develop your personal brand over the course of the next few days within this #TLH Essentials series, we will be focusing on articulating your value generally but specifically across these five areas.

This will separate you from the crowd, although to really reach the peak, you need to do this on an individual basis. 

What do I mean?

Given that a ‘one size’ fits all’ approach seldom works, then why expect it to work when you are approaching prospective clients/ employers.  It doesn’t.  You need to invest time and energy in really understanding what are the most important aspects that an individual organisation is looking for.  Knowing what’s important means looking beyond job descriptions – you need to do some research and talk to people in the know!  Again, this is another way that #TLH can help you to get ahead.

Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is the process of identifying the unique and differentiating value that you bring to a prospective employer/ client organisation and communicating that value professionally, memorably and in a consistent manner in all your actions and interactions.

The following sections in this Essentials series will take you step by step through building out your personal brand, taking it into the market to enable you to successfully build your career in change and transformation.

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Understanding Your Proposition

Understand what you do well. Get clear on the type of organisation that you work best with and the challenges that interest you? 

Your Sales Materials

A traditional CV is no longer good enough.  Make your Resume, Cover Letter and Profiles stand out from the crowd

Know Your Market

How can you locate opportunities before the competition does? How do you get in front of the people you want to meet?

Your Sales Campaign

How to crack the hidden job market. How to use social media to open up opportunities along with tools and tactics to staying on top.

The Competitive Edge

Putting it all together to achieve extraordinary results by taking control of your change and transformation career

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