One of the key themes of #TLH is to help you, as a change and transformation professional, to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and position yourself in the best possible way.

As more and more material is posted on social media and within email campaigns, the need for your material to stand out is greater than ever before.

Video is one way for you to achieve this and within this post, I’ll share with you a simple structure that I have started to use, that I have adapted from an approach developed by Jordan Blackman.

Here is an example in action…

As you can see, it’s a short video (remember to respect the time of the audience),  it is not overly produced (and as such appears ‘Real’) and follows a specific structure that I’ve outlined below;

  • Grab Attention – like anything, you need something to stop people in their tracks. In a newspaper, this tends to be an image or a headline.  In video, this will typically be a statement or ideally a question – by asking a question that ‘talks’ to your ideal viewer (client/ prospective employer), you’ll immediately get their attention
  • Introduce Yourself – briefly and quickly follow up with a promise of what they will get from listening to your video – this should again be focused on something that you know that your ideal viewer will be interested in – you’ve now got their Interest
  • Deliver the material that you promised in (2), always focused on what it means to and how it can help your ideal viewer – this builds their Desire to find out more
  • Ask for a specific Action to be taken – either a comment or a like or a share etc.

Videos structured in this way will get your message across really well and position you differently from the majority of your peers.  Share them across social media and you’ll start to build up a library of material that helps to demonstrate your capability and experience.

Follow up on all comments/ likes/ shares to start to build a new relationship/ cement an existing one and when the ‘ideal client’ is ready to engage, you’ll be the first on their list to contact.

Please share your videos inside #TLH

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    • John Bridges

      Great video Tony..and interesting content..

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