We have all heard this statement many times, I’m sure.

The directness of the message can make some people recoil and disregard the underlying message. However, there have been dire consequences for many businesses that have fallen into this trap – Blockbusters is a great example.

However, rather than looking at this through the lens of an organisation, this post focuses on how this concept affects you, as someone who works in change and transformation.

On the one hand, it should open up many new opportunities for you as innovation tends to lead to significant change.

However, I’d like to focus on the impact that it has on your ability to land your next project or ideal role!

What innovations have we seen in the way that organisations attract talent and how can you take advantage of these?

Over the last few years, some of the more enlightened organisations have started to go direct into the marketplace and proactively seek out individuals with the right skills and experience required to fill their talent gaps. More are managing the recruitment process in house, resulting in a lot less roles being managed through agencies.

As such, if your approach has been to rely upon agencies to identify your next project, then as they are all swimming in an ever shrinking pond, you will be operating in a highly competitive place in the market – where supply outstrips demand – not an ideal place.

So what is the alternative?

To some extent, #TLH was formed to take advantage of the difference in approach being taken by organisations – pulling together a very niche community focused exclusively on project, programme, change and transformation professionals, and then providing completely free access to those organisations looking to engage people for their change initiatives, providing a great outlet for those ‘innovators’ that are most proactive.

However, to ensure that you can attract those organisations that are in the market, you have to ensure that you stand out, by demonstrating not what you do, but the value that you deliver. You also need to focus on a specific client avatar so that when relevant organisations are looking, you stand out because they will be thinking that “you are talking directly to them”

The #TLH Essential Series and the upcoming #TLH Linkedin Essentials programme provide step by step guides on how to achieve this positioning.

Take a look at the following posts that are all focused on helping you to stand out;

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    • John Bridges

      Great viewpoint Tony; almost every organisation should be innovating and improving now to enure they are fit for a post-pandemic world. Often they will lead such a change but rely heavily on experienced experts from outside to help them and reduce the implementation risk.

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