Inside Track Podcast – Episode #33


Tony welcome Gary Burke onto the virtual sofa in Episode #33 of the Inside Track podcast.

KISS – keep it simple, stupid! is the personal mantra that Gary adopts in all of his projects and he believes that this certainly helps to ensure that change and transformation is successfully delivered.

In this show, Gary shares his experience of over 20 years, gained primarily within the insurance sector and related solutions providers.

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About Gary Burke

Working with trusted associates when required services include:

“Critical Friend”/Programme NED: independent expertise providing oversight and challenge to the programme board; asking the difficult questions to ensure your programme stays on track, and keeping you, your SI and vendors!
Programme Direction, Consulting & Advisory: shaping, planning, mobilising and leading strategic business & digital transformation programmes
Target & Current Operating Models: developing and implementing enterprise TOMs, aligning strategy with operational capability, and establishing a pragmatic COM to provide the necessary understanding of the current operation
Core Platform Implementation & Replacement: focusing on strategic insurance platform (PAS & Claims) implementation, ensuring the impact of change on business and operating models is understood and resulting programmes are effectively shaped and managed

His Linkedin profile is here

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