Inside Track Podcast – Episode #28

Chris Bevan

Tony is delighted to be joined by Chris Bevan on Episode #28 of the Inside Track podcast.

Chris has been designing and orchestrating the delivery of transformational change for over 35 years. The past 25 years he has been privileged to lead a number of assignments across different industries, in the UK, USA and Europe. His approach to transformational change focuses on the structural, operational, human, behavioural and cultural elements of transformation and change that enable delivery through the pull of the changes by people within the organisation. This significantly reduces the risk of adoption.

The approach is that of a player-coach and is very “hands on” but through the lifecycle of the programme it enables the transition of leadership within the team to enable true internal ownership of change and benefit realisation.

It’s a really great discussion – I’m sure you’ll get lots from Chris

Total length : 44:19

About Chris Bevan

Chris is the co-founder of Outvie Consulting which brings together over 200 man-years of specific expertise that cover design and delivery of the whole lifecycle of a corporate transformation.  His Linkedin profile is here

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