Inside Track Podcast Episode #32 – Richard Kerr

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Inside Track Podcast #32


Richard Kerr joins Tony on the virtual sofa in Episode #32 of the Inside Track podcast.

Richard’s career is a little different from most of the people that we have had on the podcast, in that he has come from a legal background, where he worked on settling contractual conflicts around major change initiatives.

He realised that there were some key themes and started to move along the ‘food-chain’ and now works with organisations to ensure that programmes are established in the right way and all relevant parties (internal/ external) are actively involved in the start up process.

This ensures that contracts are written in a way that allows for agility and are structured to facilitate a win win scenario

This is definitely not one to miss!

Total length : 42:02

About Richard Kerr

Focus and specialism for the last twenty years has been in seeing first-hand what makes IT and outsourcing projects and technology enabled change go well, and badly.

Advising on more than two hundred matters, with a cumulative value in excess of £5bn, there are unequivocally common success factors and equally common (and prevalent) factors for failure.  His Linkedin profile is here

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