Inside Track Podcast Episode #46


New Yorker, Howard Tiersky joins Tony on the virtual sofa today. Howard has worked with leaders at dozens of the world’s largest brands to help them navigate digital transformation — to re-invent their customer journeys to earn the love of today’s “Digital Customers.”

After 20+ years doing this type of work , he has released a best selling book – WINNING DIGITAL CUSTOMERS which provides a blueprint for how any company can methodically remake itself to win in a digital era. In it he reveals the methods he has developed to get alignment at large organisations around transformation and then to implement it successfully.

Here is a link to the Book on Amazon

About Howard

After 15 years leading digital practices at 2 of the world’s largest consulting firms, Howard decided to start his own firm, initially with 1 client and 0 employees. He has grown the company to over 75 amazing people working with large brands like Verizon, NBC, Avis, A&E, Mattel, AAA, & Airbus and won many awards but more importantly have driven massive and measurable value through helping transform their client’s customer experiences.

His Linkedin profile is here

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