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I help Change Directors of Financial Services organisations to deliver regulatory compliance and complex business change

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Programme Manager

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ENOS Limited

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United Kingdom

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As the profile says, I add value to financial services organisations by helping deliver change.  This could be a change to ensure regulatory compliance, or redress and remediation where compliance hasn’t been in place, or a complex business change such as new business-critical TOM.

How do I do this?  By assessing the situation and then crafting the right way forwards for your organisation, whether this be Waterfall, Agile, a blend of the two or a transition.  Project plans don’t deliver change; people do.  So I assemble and motivate the delivery team using whichever mix of people is most appropriate for you.  Already have a permie team?  No problem.  Need to build the team from scratch?  Or missing a couple of pieces from the jigsaw?  They’re fine too.

Having worked my way up through the ranks I have a deep understanding of both the business and technology angles, and with a good eye for the risks I can provide strong governance to ensure the change is robust and delivers the right outcome.

With this passion to see the challenge through to completion I am often unavailable for 12-18 months at a time, but I’m always happy to chat through any problems you have.

All the best,