The Transformation Leaders Podcast Episode #75


Tony’s guest today is Barry Robbins. During the show, Barry shares his view that he rarely sees a technology project fail because of technology. Technology is often symptomatic of larger issues, and we let it take the blame rather than recognizing the true challenges brought about by change. Often, it is poor leadership, planning, decision-making, processes, or risk management that are the real barriers to success. Blaming technology just helps us fail harder and more expensively. A really interesting discussion.

About Tony Lockwood

After a 25 year career delivering change and transformation, Tony launched The Transformation Leaders Hub (#TLH) in 2020.

#TLH’s core focus is to help members to standout from the crowd, build their network with their peers and open up new career opportunities.

4 years ago, Tony pivoted from a project to project lifestyle into building and scaling a consulting business. If you are thinking of doing the same, he has developed a 22 question Scorecard to help identify your strengths and development areas in what he has seen to be the five critical aspects – So see “Is there is a Consulting Business in You” by undertaking the assessment and get a personalised report.

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About Barry Robbins
An expert in change leadership, helping companies navigate the forest of IT transformation. Barry is a builder of organizations. A Trusted Advisor.

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