The Transformation Leaders Podcast Episode #53


Tony is joined today by Edwina Pike, a transformational leader, architect and mentor of “Irrational Change”.  She has significant experience of leading global business through significant M&A activities and it is these two aspects that we discuss at length in this episode.

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About Edwina

Edwina is a Coach, Mentor and Community Builder, Innovator, engaging speaker and thought leader.

Passionate about:
* Transforming businesses, working smarter not harder to achieve repeatable, successful change
* Helping you lead and motivate teams to make the impossible, possible
* Getting to the root cause of the issue or challenge
* Delivering practical insightful solutions
* Being effective and efficient in delivering behavioral and cultural change
* Creating the environment for teams to be successful
* Building inspiring leadership through mentoring and coaching
* Sharing my knowledge and experience whilst continually learning from others

Her Linkedin profile is here 

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