The Transformation Leaders Podcast – Episode #55


Tony’s guest today is Stephen Magennis, Managing Director of Expleo Technology UK. With over 14 years of senior management experience, Stephen is a formidable player within the space of digital transformation, who strives to stay in tune with the latest market trends. He also has a clear understanding of what an agile approach to digital transformation looks like and remains committed to transforming businesses through the adoption of disruptive technologies.

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About Stephen

Stephen is Managing Director of Expleo Technology UK, a technology consulting partner of choice for innovative companies seeking to create value through their Business and IT programmes.

Their clients in technology-intensive sectors must keep changing to operate successfully in today’s disrupted world. Agility and speed are more business critical than ever before. Expleo provides the reliability and accountability that ensure your decisions achieve quality outcomes. They help teams to create, test, and scale digital solutions and operationalise at pace. And once on the right trajectory, they can ensure you progress and improve continuously.

Expleo’s business account on LinkedIn  – Expleo Group | LinkedIn

Stephen’s personal account on LinkedIn – Stephen Magennis – Managing Director – Expleo Technology UK | LinkedIn

Link to download the BTI reportBusiness Transformation Index 2022 – Expleo (

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