The Transformation Leaders Podcast – Episode #57


Tony’s guest today is Mel Ross, a passionate changemaker whose focus is to help organisations, government and the third sector to humanise transformation

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About Mel

Mel is passionate about helping organisations, government and the third sector humanise transformation.
Humanising transformation leads to accelerated success because you can;

1. Reach for a future beyond the limits of what you know today.
2. Help every individual find meaning that connects them positively with that future.
3. Get people started on that journey through following active, role model leaders.

She believes that it is leaders who hold the key that unlocks human centred transformation in the first instance. And yet, this is a gravely under supported area of the business – why do we suppose transformation is something you simply know how to do if you are a leader or a particular expert? The mindset, behaviours and competencies required to humanise transformation and succeed are specific.

Her Linkedin profile can be found here

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