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The Transformation Leaders Hub (#TLH) is the fastest growing community for project, programme, change and transformation professionals who want to significantly enhance their career prospects

The recruitment market is changing and the change is faster now than ever before.

Organisations are no longer reliant on recruitment agencies, they are reaching out direct into the marketplace to attract the right talent.

As such, if you are serious about taking control of your future career, you need to do just that.

Take Control.

You need to understand the value that you deliver, you need to identify those organisations where you can deliver most value and you must proactively engage with them.

At the same time, you need to position yourself and actively build your network to attract new career opportunities to you.

If you are reliant on job-sites and sending off your CV to endless organisations and never hearing back, #TLH is for you!
If you are sick of waiting for recruiters to get back to you with feedback on opportunities, #TLH is for you! 
If you are reliant solely on your own activities to uncover your next big opportunity, #TLH is for you!
If you don't have a structured process to follow, a tangible value proposition and a steady stream of organisations wanting to talk to you, #TLH is for you!
If you're ready to Take Control of your career and get your ideal change/ transformation role with your ideal client/ employer, #TLH is for you!

How does #TLH help you to overcome these challenges?

The way that organisations recruit for their change and transformation position has changed.  

Hiring Managers are undertaking research themselves, using platforms like #TLH and Linkedin.  They are proactively asking their network for recommendations.  They are looking for stand out candidates - people that they are extremely confident have the necessary experience and cultural fit to meet the demands of their organisation. 

As a result, your focus needs to be on 'helping' these hiring managers to see you, to be interested enough to engage with you and ultimately to select you!  To do this, you need to be clear about the value that you deliver, be clear about the type of organisation where you can deliver maximum value and be focused on proactive outreach to open up discussions.

#TLH will help you successfully navigate through this process, positioning you and your experience in the most effective way, proactively supporting you to build collaborative relationships whilst actively opening the doors to hiring managers and providing them with simple tools and techniques for them to reach out to you directly.  


All the resources you need to enhance your reputation and stand out from the crowd

Instant access to a library of guides, courses, templates along with 121 support to help you to enhance your reputation, stand out from the crowd, attract those hiring managers and uncover your next career opportunity


A peer to peer network that provide you with support & leverage in your career search

Change and Transformation people are different in that their careers are driven by new programmes & change.   Proactively building your network is therefore an essential activity that will help you to uncover 'hidden' opportunities 


Attract those organisations where you deliver most value and feel most at home

Proactive outreach to relevant hiring managers, providing them with direct access to #TLH members is quickly changing the way that organisations recruit their change and transformation people. A real "game-changer" as one recently said!

Leverage the #TLH community to open up new opportunities

All of the tools you'll need to build out your network, form long lasting relationships and future collaborations with your peer group within an intuitive and highly engaging platform.

#TLH provides you with numerous ways to enhance your reputation through blog posts, videos and our Inside Track podcast.

Unlike other career focused communities and networks, #TLH is exclusive to those working in project, programme, change and transformation management.  

The founder of #TLH has operated in this space for over 25 years and understands the challenges both individuals and organisations face when securing their next career challenge or resourcing their next change/ transformation initiative. 

#TLH has been created to meet both of these challenges head on!

What some of our existing members say about us

Jill Gaskell

"I’ve spent some time this morning browsing the #TLH site and have to say I think it’s brilliant!"

Nick Churchman

"#TLH is THE network for the times we live in – a brilliant place to meet, collaborate with, and learn from like-minded individuals and you should join today"

Richard Lucas

"The networking events have been particularly successful, pitched at just the right level to allow members freedom to explore connections""

Dave Reeves

""The value of our professional network, is critically important now that we are working, virtually, more than we ever have before. The Transformation Leaders Hub in a short period of time is already proving to be the network community for change and transformation professionals, with effective tools to enable members to connect, collaborate and engage on a range of topics. I recommend you join today!""

Steve Dover

"The Transformation Leaders Hub is proving to be a real asset for me in proactively advancing my network of professionals and powerfully joining up our collective experience.  I am finding that meeting peers and other professionals from a cross-section of sectors is catalytic to new ideas and thinking prompting more innovative approaches to transformation and change.   During these times of lockdown it has also been a sociable on line meeting place infused with an element of fun."

How does #TLH help you?

Laser Like Targeting

Get clear about your strengths and the type of organisation that you can add most value to

Personal Brand

Design your CV, #TLH & Linkedin profiles that actively attract opportunities to you

Build Strong Relationships

Establish collaborative relationships within your peer group - who knows what will result...

Develop Your Network

Strengthen the value that you deliver to your employer/ client by building out your network

Promote Your Experience

Take control by undertaking targeted proactive campaigns - we'll show you how

Get Referrals

Generate and receive opportunities for new jobs/ projects from across the #TLH community


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How much are you willing to invest in your career success?

What value do you place on your future success?

What would be the impact on you and your family of having a steady stream of recruiting organisations with ideal opportunities approaching you direct?

How beneficial would it be to be recognised by your peers and leaders within your organisation as the 'go to' person for programme delivery?

How much more could you negotiate on your salary or daily rate if the client/ employing organisation didn't have to pay a fee to a recruitment agency?

How beneficial would it be to you to have an experienced team of change and transformation professionals to turn to for help and guidance throughout your career?

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then £25 p.m.

Complete access to help you to enhance your reputation, expand your network and attract your ideal career opportunity.

The normal monthly cost of our Gold Club membership is just £25 per month. However, you can gain immediate access and experience everything that #TLH has to offer for a full 30 days for just £1.  Then, after 30 days, and only if you are happy being a member, we will automatically charge you just £25 per month. This is the lowest price that we offer #TLH Membership at.

You Can Cancel at ANY Time

Here's the best part, at any time during the 30 day trial, if you don't think that #TLH is for you then you can cancel, and you will NEVER be charged again. If you're not completely satisfied, we don't deserve your money. Equally, as a member, if you wish to cancel in the future then you can cancel at any time and your monthly membership payment will be stopped immediately.

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#TLH - what's it all about?

Tony Lockwood, the founder of #TLH shares the background and his vision for #TLH in a brief video.

His vision for #TLH

 "to build the #1 platform for those operating in change and transformation and create $100m worth of opportunities for members"