Purpose & Rationale


This Execution Plan provides guidance for planning the internal and external project communications. It identifies the minimum requirements for a communication plan and discusses how to determine the appropriate participants and methods for communication.


A critical success factor of any project is effective communication. Without effective communication, it is almost certain that the project will be delayed or quality will be compromised due to untimely addressing of issues, lack of buy-in and idea sharing.

The sources of information that demand communication amongst the team and other stakeholders and should be specified in a Communication Plan. These include:

  • Project Definition Document – developed at the beginning of the project and maintained throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Issue Log – maintained throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Change Control Log – maintained throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Project Progress Reports – on a period ending basis.
  • Progress Meetings – held periodically with team members and stakeholders, informed and advised, to review project progress / issues. Stakeholders can include business partners, external clients, sponsors and the Project Review Board and other project teams determined by task dependencies