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In this section, we will take you systematically through the process of establishing a really great Linkedin Profile, one that will help you to stand out from the crowd.  

We will also focus in on the psychology attached to getting the best from your profile, whilst explaining some simple ‘hacks’ that can open up conversations with prospective clients/ employers.

This is very much a workshop session so make sure that you have time available to review your existing profile and make the necessary adjustments.

When you’re not looking for a job, it can be easy to ignore your LinkedIn profile. Sure, you add people you meet at networking events as contacts and accept requests as they come in, but everything else? 

We’ve all used the old excuse – “I’ll get to it when I need to”

We totally understand this approach but would strongly counsel against it until you have a profile that allows you to stand out from the crowd!

One that shouts out to recruiters and recruiting organisations – “Hey, look at me, I’m your perfect next hire!”

But how do you do this?  

How do you stand out in a network of over 660 million people? 

Below we have compiled everything you need to know—from crafting a stunning summary to selling the value that you can deliver, your accomplishments, projects, and skills—in one place. 

Read on for expert-backed ways to make your profile seriously shine — and start getting noticed by recruiters/ clients/ employers. 

Simply put, the more complete your profile, the better the odds that you will stand out from the crowd. 

However, it’s not as easy as just focusing on completeness. It’s also vitally important that you project yourself in the way that you would wish potential clients/ employers to see you, so when you are crafting your profile, always put yourself in the shoes of the reader – what do they want to see? What would they be looking for?  What will attract them to click on your profile and read further? 

Your Linkedin profile is broken down into a number of elements and we will look at each in more detail as we proceed through this course.