Managing Organisational Change

2. Managing Organisation Change through the Project Definition Stage
3. Managing Organisation Change through the Project Management & Control Stage

Key Considerations

What does the stakeholder expect?

The stakeholder expects the Project Manager to understand the level of resistance to change a project will have on their organisation and develop and implement an effective plan to optimise the acceptance of the change.

How will this technique support the business objectives and realise the anticipated business potential benefits?   

The Project Manager has effectively addressed processes for managing change when:

  • Team members understand project roles and their relationship to each other and the organisation.
  • Strong sponsorship has been developed and maintained.
  • Effective project communications have been provided.
  • Resistance has been identified and effectively addressed.
  • Teamwork and synergy necessary to achieve project success have been cultivated.

What will the proposed deliverable(s) do and look like?

  • List of individuals in key positions:
    • Initiating Sponsor.
    • Sustaining Sponsor.
    • Change Agents.
    • Change Targets.
  • External communications plan.
  • List of resistance factors.
  • Transition plan.
  • Organisational Change Management Plan.
  • Implemented Organisational Change Management Plan.
  • Regular and effective project communications with external community.
  • Plans to strengthen and maintain strong sponsorship.
  • Strategy to address new resistance.
  • List of weak synergy characteristic.
  • Plan to strengthen team synergy.
  • The organisation is trained, transformed and accept the change.

How long does this generally take?

The time required to produce the deliverables depends on the size, scope, complexity of the project and the amount of resistance the organisation has toward the project implementation.

  • It may take 3-10 days to produce the deliverables in Phase 1, Project Definition.
  • Implementing and managing the organisational change process is on going through the life of the project starting in Phase 3, Project Management and Control.

Who should participate?

The Project Manager, the core team and key individuals from the stakeholder organisation develop the Organisational Change Management Plan during Phase 1, Project Definition.

The Project Manager is responsible for implementing and managing the processes during Phase 3, Project Management and Control.

What materials are required?

  • Organisational change surveys or questionnaires.
  • Collaborative Approach Strategy guide and workshop formats.

What are the potential technique-related issues / financial risks?

When organisational change is not properly planned for and managed, the project team, which may consist of users and technicians, may resist performing their jobs so deliverables may not be completed on time, within budget or meet user needs.

As the project gets closer to implementation, user quality, productivity and morale may suffer because of fear of losing their jobs.

When the project is implemented, users may continue to resist by refusing to use the new system or complain about the new system which is reduces productivity and negatively impacts morale.