#TLH is pleased to announce that it has become an accredited partner to The GC Index, a People & Organisation Assessment tool that is based on a high-level business cycle and identifies where individuals and teams naturally want to make an impact and contribution in the business cycle.

Based on this data, The GC Index can help decision making in any business process and improve the productivity of a business.

When we align individuals and teams to roles/ tasks where they are naturally engaged and energised we end up with both higher employee satisfaction and higher productivity. This is particularly relevant when designing and implementing significant change and transformation.

“I believe that The GC Index is a game-changer (pardon the pun) in that we can now proactively work with individuals within organisations and help them to determine where they are best able to deliver maximum value whilst at the same time, felling most fulfilled personally.” states Tony Lockwood, founder of #TLH and an accredited GCologist himself.

The partnerships opens up additional revenues streams for #TLH members whilst also providing them with a unique, innovative approach that will ensure that programmes are more effectively delivered and that the desired change is formally embedded within the organisation.

“I believe that The GC Index significantly reduces the risks typically associated with large scale change initiatives.” adds Tony.

If you are about to embark of a period of change and interested in exploring more about how The GC Index can positively impact your transformation programmes, we can arrange for a complimentary assessment so as to demonstrate its effectiveness.

If you are a #TLH member or interested in becoming a member and want to explore how The GC Index can help you to stand out from the crowd, contact Tony, who will be delighted to provide more details.

You can find out more about The GC Index here

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