Nurturing Your Relationships?

A Breakdown of the Core Elements of Linkedin - Focused on the Areas that Matter 


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Many people 

Having said all of that, let's not forget that recruiters and now more than ever, recruiting managers from organisations use Linkedin to source suitable candidates for their open opportunities.  As such, it is so important that you set yourself up in the best possible way and really differentiate yourself so that when searching, YOUR PROFILE STANDS OUT!  

The challenge with Linkedin is that it is so big and that is why focused communities such as #TLH complement it so well.

However, by focusing on a small number of activities and implementing these in a systematic, consistent way, you can radically transform the volume and quality of the opportunities that originate from within Linkedin.

The rest of the Linkedin Essentials series goes into more detail on what you should be doing to achieve this.

Linkedin Essentials

What is Linkedin?

How do you view the Linkedin Platform?  Do you exploit its potential to help you gain projects/ employment opportunities?  

The Anatomy of Linkedin

Let's take a tour of the Linkedin platform and clarify how you can gain maximum exposure from each element.

Building Your Linkedin Profile

Don't follow the crowd - stand out from it.  Your Profile is the best way to do this - we will show you how here.

Researching on Linkedin

How do you undertake research on Linkedin? What type of research should you be undertaking and why?

Connecting Strategies

How do you connect with your ideal clients/ prospective employers - there is a proven way that ensures response

Nurturing Your Connections

How do you engage with your ideal clients/ prospective employers that will get them to take action and reach out to you?

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