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Welcome to the
#TLH Silver Club

Congratulations, you've taken the first step to being part of the leading global network of project, programme, change & transformation professionals.

A Welcome Message by Tony Lockwood - founder of #TLH

What You Can Expect From #TLH

#TLH has been designed from the very beginning to help you to Stand Out From The Crowd!  

Irrespective of whether you are looking for a new project, a new career move or indeed need support in delivering your objectives, in this noisy world, you have to be able to stope people in their tracks, engage them and build relationships.  

That's what #TLH is there to do.  We will help you to...

Laser Like Targeting

Get clear about your strengths and the type of organisation that you can add most value to

Personal Brand

Design your CV, #TLH & Linkedin profiles that actively attract opportunities to you

Build Strong Relationships

Establish collaborative relationships within your peer group - who knows what will result...

Develop Your Network

Strengthen the value that you deliver to your employer/ client by building our your network

Promote Your Experience

Take control by undertaking targeted proactive campaigns - we'll show you how

Get Referrals

Generate and receive opportunities for new jobs/ projects from across the #TLH community


To be successful, I know that we need to ensure that #TLH meets your needs and provides the support that you need to help you achieve your career objectives.

I and my team will therefore actively engage with you to ensure that we are meeting this objective.

We will actively engage with you in the ongoing development of the community, constantly seeking feedback and taking on your ideas on how to  evolve and improve our delivery.

I/ we will listen, take action and ask for feedback at every stage.

In this way, we can collectively build and maintain a strong, global network of project, programme, change and transformation professionals, who proactively open up opportunities for each other.

If you feel at any stage that we are not living up to this commitment, please do get in touch - my contact details are below.

Tony Lockwood

My Contact Details

Tony Lockwood, founder & Chief Domestique, #TLH


t: +44 (0) 161 919 1676

m: +44 (0) 7885 957274

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