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Finalising Your Manifesto

Ok, now go back to second page of Your Business Manifesto.

On the Left hand side, you have the opportunity to define what you expect to achieve in the next 12 months – be specific and where possible highlight specific measurable milestones.

In your Goals for the year section, you can be a little less formal and describe some of the ‘things’ that you’d like to be able to deliver/ achieve during the year.

The centre section is where you highlight the specific 90 Day Sprint that you’re focused upon within this quarter along with the ‘big ticket’ items (Rocks) that you need to put in place to deliver the desired outcomes from the Sprint.

Finally on the right hand column, include a reminder of your weekly and daily commitments.

Keep this two page document to hand at all times and when you’re feeling a bit down/ disappointed, refer back to it to help get yourself back on track. Action is the name of the game and within Your Business Manifesto, you have outlined the actions that are required to deliver your 90 Day Sprint, that will help you to achieve your 1 Year Plan, that leads naturally to your Three Year Plan and Ultimately to Your 5/10 Year Vision.



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