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Foundational Strengths and Experience

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We covered this off in a recent webinar and you can watch the recording of the relevant section here. Alternatively follow the instructions below.


I suggest that get yourself a coffee (or alternative beverage), find a quiet space and grab a pad and a pen.

Write down a list of all of things that you feel are your core strengths, the things that you believe you are good at (in fact great at).

Ask your family members, friends & colleagues to do the same for you – don’t forget old bosses – they are usually very good at identifying those things that they value the most.

Next, write down the experiences that you have that you feel would be of benefit to other employers/ clients – don’t forget, these experiences (both good and bad) will help you overcome future challenges or take maximum advantage of future opportunities. These experiences should support your claims around your core strengths

Next, identify all the things that you are most proud of during your career – your successes, the results that you have delivered, the feedback that you have received – the things that give you a glow when you think about them.

Finally, write down a list of the organisations that you have worked with/ projects that you have been involved in, that you enjoyed the most.

Now, sit back and reflect on these.

Many people find this extremely difficult to complete – we don’t tend to be good at reviewing ourselves in such a way.

I have found that it is often a good idea to let these questions float around in your mind for a few hours or sometimes days, and as things come back to you, make a note of your thoughts.

Once you are confident in the contents of your four lists, the hard work begins 🙂

Take each of the lists and identify the top three in each area;

  • Your top 3 strengths
  • Your top 3 experiences.
  • The three things that you are most proud of
  • The three organisations/ projects that you have enjoyed the most

Across these 12 elements are the core foundations on which your future career success will be based.  Everything from now on will focus on these 12, we will build memorable and consistent communications around these 12 aspects and position your personal brand so that you can attract organisations/ projects that you know you (i) will enjoy, (ii) be able to deliver maximum value.