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The first area that we will take a look at is the Linkedin Learning Centre – https://www.linkedin.com/learning

This contains lots of really interesting content, often in bite sized elements.  You access it via the URL above or from within your profile, click on “Work” to the right of the top menu bar and within the dropdown, you will see a link to Learning.

When you enter, you’ll be presented with a page that looks something like this; 

As you stroll down the page, you’ll be presented with many options of videos/ courses.  There is a search button at the top where you can search for help in areas that you are interested in – this section of Linkedin is becoming like a very focused niche site that should compete with Google/ Youtube if you are looking for development materials.

It also includes some neat tools. For instance, you can set yourself “personal development” goals and track your progress.  

It also provides you with your own personal space, where you can ‘save’ materials for later consumption as well as providing easy access to those courses/ materials that you have started.


Think of one area that you feel you could develop your knowledge/ skills in.  This could be as diverse as ‘Excel Formulas”, “Delivering a Public Talk” or “Preparing for a New Role”.

Whatever, you are interested in exploring further – write it down.

Now go over to the Linkedin Learning Centre and use the search capability on the top menu to search for materials that cover the area of your interest.  What’s presented back?

This is what I was presented when searching for the three areas mentioned above;

Excel Formulas – I have instant access to 679 courses on the subject – some of these are quite short and simple, others are complex and have much longer durations.  However, I’d be pretty sure that I could choose one that is suitable to my needs.

Notice also, on the left hand column, you can filter the search down – this is a great way to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

What about the other two searches that I mentioned earlier?

“Preparing for a New Role”, delivered 742 results 

“Delivering a Public Talk” resulted in 50 options

Some of these may not be that relevant and you may need to adapt your search to find the right materials but again, I hope that you see the real opportunity that this section of Linkedin provides you.