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Listen & Engage, rather the Show & Tell

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Although it’s easy to fall into the show and tell mode, now that you have developed all of this material, I’d caution against this approach as it can come across as being a little too salesy. 

A far better approach is to listen to what your ‘target’ people and organisations are saying/ sharing and engage with them.  Where appropriate, it is fine to share a link to one of your articles/ videos etc. 


Open up your Excel Spreadsheet/ Google Sheet that contains the details or your ideal client/ employer as well as the key contacts within the organisation. 

Set up a diary note to remind you that at least once a week, you review the profiles of each person on your list to see whether they have been active on Linkedin.  If they have and you can add something to the discussion, do so. 

If they haven’t been active personally but their organisation has shared something of relevance, drop them a message including a value add comment/ point of view on the subject being discussed.

If the organisation hasn’t shared anything or indeed if you cannot add anything valuable to the discussion, think about a way to share one of your articles/ videos etc. in a way that is not salesy. 

The most effective way is often to share and ask them for their opinion or whether they can add anything to the post from their experience.  In this way, you are inviting them into a discussion rather than ‘telling’ them your views.  This is far more subtle way to create engagement and often leads to more specific discussions.

Schedule these activities into your Hour of Power daily activities.