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Objectives & Deliverables


The objective at Stage 5 is to create a monitoring system which will allow the potential benefits accruing from the project to be monitored after completion of the implementation stage.

In practice it may be difficult to distinguish clearly between the end of Stage 4 and the beginning of Stage 5 and on occasion only minor modifications, if any, will be needed to the monitoring system developed at Stage 4. In other cases it will be necessary to develop a new and more appropriate monitoring system for use after the conclusion of the implementation stage.

It is essential that the sponsor is intimately involved in the formulation of this monitoring mechanism.


The deliverable at stage 5 will be a reporting template which can be used by the business stakeholders on an ongoing basis to monitor the potential benefits associated with the project and which can identify divergence’s from the potential benefits predicted during the earlier stages. The precise design of such a system will be determined by the nature of the business and the industry sector in which you operate.