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Objectives & Deliverables


The project objectives in Stage 3 are to:

  • Develop a detailed strategy that will enable you to realise the potential benefits identified in Stage 2.
  • Implement any improvement opportunities identified in Stage 2 that can be implemented while the detailed strategy is being developed (quick hits, early wins).

The business case objectives in Stage 3 are to:

  • Update the business case to reflect changes to assumptions that will result from the high level strategy identified in Stage 2 being converted to a detailed strategy.
  • Monitor the potential benefits from implementing quick hits.


Although the business case will have been developed in Stage 2, it has only been developed at a high level. As you move into designing the strategy in detail, the original assumptions and numbers supporting the business case will need to be reviewed to help ensure they are still valid. The business case must now be expanded into more detail to match the detailed design work being undertaken.

The business case deliverables in Stage 3 are:

  • A business case that quantifies the opportunities available to you by implementing the detailed strategy being developed at Stage 3.
  • Monitoring the potential benefits realised from implementing the performance improvement opportunities in Stage 3 (quick hits/quick wins)