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Although Linkedin make it very easy for you to send a connection request – simply click on the ‘Connect’ button and an automated request will be sent through to the person. 

HOWEVER, never, I repeat NEVER, send the standard request – this is the equivalent of going up to people on the street and handing them a business card – most will get binned straight away and most of your requests will be ignored!

Instead, carefully craft a message that highlights why you’d like to connect and the potential value that being connected to you could bring.  However, don’t try to ‘sell’ within this message.

A really effective way is to follow up on the recent engagement that you’ve had with them whilst commenting on their posts etc. 

A simple message such as “following on from your post on XYZ and the brief discussion that we had within the comments, I’d welcome the opportunity to connect with you…” often will lead to the request being accepted.

Alternatively, refer to a recent post, comment or specific point of view that your ‘target’ person has made on Linkedin or indeed in the public domain and frame a message such as “really enjoyed reading your article on XYZ – I completely share your point of view – it would be great to connect and discuss this more….”

What these types of approaches show is that you are not the typical Linkedin ‘animal’ that sends out hundreds of automated connection requests each day with the hope that some will connect.

Rather, you have invested time in getting to know more about the person and the approach taken is professional – why wouldn’t they connect with you?

Subconsciously, you are positioning yourself as a peer, as a professional and most importantly, as someone like themselves.


Take out your list of target companies and specific individuals within the organisation that you’d like to be connected to. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, keep checking in to see whether they have been engaged on Linkedin and where appropriate make a relevant comment or share their post adding your own point of view.

After a couple of weeks, send a connection request in the style highlighted above and monitor the acceptance rate – I’ll guarantee that it will be above 70%!

Even if the connection request isn’t accepted right away, your activity will come to the attention of your ‘target’ and they will often take the time to look you up.  When they hover on your image, they will be presented with your ‘headline’ which is why you need to ensure that the headline delivers your value proposition.