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Welcome to Momentum

Irrespective of what you want in life and in your career, it’s highly likely that it’s been done before. Maybe not exactly in the way that you envision it being done now but certainly in ways that you can learn from and build upon.

Success Leaves Clues

Those that have been successful in building a business from scratch do specific things to create their results.

Furthermore, it is the actions that they have taken that was the source of all of these results. By discovering what other successful people have done and ‘modelling’ them is a proven approach that will deliver success in your business.

It is the pathway to success but requires you to be inquisitive, to accept that you don’t have all of the answers, to try things that may feel uncomfortable as first, to learn from things that don’t work out first time around.

To be able to do this within a safe environment, surrounded by people that care about your success and are available to help and assist you at each stage is what you’ve bought into by becoming part of the 1% Club within #TLH.

It is my ambition that we can work together over the next twelve months and beyond to help you build your consulting business to a point where your dreams and goals can be realised.

The aim of the 1% Club is to help you to build a business whose revenues are stated in seven or eight figures that if you choose, can deliver you, life changing wealth creation.

The programme is delivered in four parts, each with clear timescales and specific measurables.

Within the next 90 days, we will make sure that you have the foundations in place that have the potential to create revenues of at least £10k pm for you. This will provide the ‘Momentum” you require to drive things forward.

Once these are in place and you are happy with the approach, we will move into the ‘Accelerator’ Phase – this is focused upon building the core infrastructure required to move beyond a ‘self-delivery’ model. During this phase, which may take 6 months or so to get through, I would expect that revenues to grow towards the £25k per month levels.

At this stage, you should have the financial ability to invest in your business to drive the ‘Optimise’ phase, and will enable you to introduce new people, processes and systems that is required to lay the foundations for running a consulting business with revenues in excess of £1m p.a.

If you choose to, the final phase in our journey together will be to facilitate your exit from the business to realise significant wealth creation for you and your family. The key to making this significant step is to build a machine that is efficient, effective and is independent of you.

The training, templates, guides and the rest of the support materials are available to you 24/7/365 via your #TLH Dashboard.

In addition, the 1% Club provides you with direct support. This starts off with a 121 Strategy Session, where we will review your plans and thoughts for your business and help you to crystalise in your own mind how this can be developed and realised.

On a weekly basis, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, share your ideas and hear how other 1% Club members are doing within our dedicated 3 times per week Q&A/ Tracking sessions. A weekly deep dive into one aspect of the programme is available also, as is a monthly 121 Momentum sessions with your dedicated coach. All of this in addition to being part of an interactive community/ mastermind group.

You have all of the support that you need to deliver on your goals and ambitions but as I outlined at the start of this video, your outcomes are dependent completely on your ability to take action!

Let’s move into the first session within the Momentum Phase – Getting Your Head Right.

I’ll see you in the next video