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Advertisers call this ‘above the line’ – the aim being to ‘stop’ people in their tracks and get them to take action.  

In your case, the first action that you want people to take is to click on your profile and the immediate next action is, to scroll down and learn more about you.

We will talk about how to get people to click on your profile in a moment, but first, I want to review what people see when they first click through to your profile.

Compare Tony’s profile (opposite) to your own – how does it compare?

Linkedin Profile

The five areas highlighted are real opportunities for you to, stop people in their tracks,  grab their attention and get them to read more….  

1. Headline

This is the most valuable ‘real estate’ on Linkedin!  


Well, every time your name comes up in a search, your ‘headline’ also appears.  

Every time you comment upon a post, your name and headline appears. 

Your headline literally follows you around and as such, you need to make sure that yours stands out.

2. Profile Image

It has been proven time and time again that people are drawn to a smiling face. 

As such, make sure that your profile image is professional, preferably a head and shoulders shot of you smiling, looking into the camera.   

3. Profile Banner

This is an area that most people ignore but one that can provide you with another way to get your core message across.  

It’s best not to be too ‘salesy’ but you should certainly look to highlight the value that you have and can deliver

4. Services on Offer

This provides you with the opportunity to be absolutely clear about the type of roles/ opportunities you are interested in – it is an ideal way to project what you can offer  and how you can support future clients/ employers – take a look at the section on Service Providers to ensure that you incorporate this option into your profile

5. Existing Employer

Many people use the standard Linkedin Headline “Programme Manager” at “Employers Name” within their headline. You don’t need to do this, as the employer/ client name can be picked up here, so why waste your prime real estate.