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Your Elevator Pitch

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The 12 elements that you identified in the previous module are the catalyst for developing your ‘elevator pitch’ – when someone asks you what you do, you will respond with a very succinct, very direct and extremely focused response, a response that will grab the recipients attention and engage them in conversation.

Your Elevator Pitch Template…

I help <type of organisation/ project that you have enjoyed> overcome (or achieve) <one of the areas that you are most proud of> by <include an example of your strengths>.

The typical response when you make these types of statements is ‘wow, tell me more’.  At this stage, you can provide a very short description around your top three experiences


Using the template above and thinking back to the 12 elements identified in the previous module, start to build out three or four versions of your ‘elevator pitch’

Once you have these documented, test them out on your family, friends and colleagues.

Look out for their reaction.

Also, how comfortable were you in positioning yourself in this way?

In a likelihood, your felt uncomfortable – it’s much easier to say “oh I’m a Programme Manager” isn’t it?

However, the more you practice, the more it will become natural and your confidence will build, especially when you get favourable reactions from others.