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There are many ways that you can utilise the Featured section but I would recommend that one of the most effective is to include a series of simple Case Studies. 


Use www.canva.com to make these look and feel right and adopt the S.T.A.R. approach.  Adopt words that feel right for you – as you can see from the example opposite, the words are different but the structure is consistent. 

Include an image of you and include contact details – the items that you include in the Featured section can be downloaded so make it easy for people to contact you should they have downloaded the PDF and passed it onto a colleague for instance.

Alternative things to include within your Features section;

  • I’ve known people to include a downloadable CV
  • Why not record a video or a series of videos outlining a particular case study
  • If you’ve written an article that has been published, include a copy
  • What about a presentation highlighting how you have approached a specific challenge

Again, you need to see this as a shop window where you can present multiple things to help you to stand out from the crowd.