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All too often, these are ignored and the viewer is presented with the standard ‘blue’ Linkedin Banner.  

This is a big mistake.  

Think about it, it’s like having the opportunity to place a Billboard at the busiest crossroads where you know all your preferred clients/ employers congregate and deciding to put up a blank sheet!

Instead of ignoring this prime piece of real estate, utilise it to highlight the real value that you deliver to your preferred clients and employers. Use it to position yourself as the ‘right’ person for them, one that they would be a fool to miss. 

You can create really nice looking banners by going to www.canva.com, signing up for a free version and searching for “Linkedin banners”. You’ll be presented with hundreds of different styles – choose one that you like and adapt the words to fit with your ‘elevator pitch’.

Be careful not to try to include too much information.  In this case, “less is more.”  

However, try to make it visually impactful and remember to phrase your ‘elevator pitch’ in the words that will mean something to your desired reader.

Be creative – remember the purpose of the banner is to get the person that has clicked onto your profile to read down, so make it visually impactful – take a look at the following examples and determine for yourself, which attracted your attention first – can you take anything from your chosen one to include in your banner?