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Take a look at the two images opposite and ask yourself which one were you drawn to first?

Why was this?

Most people focus on the 1st image in preference to the 2nd, primarily because of the smile that projects warmth and a welcoming nature.

Now, take a look at the second set of images – which of these were you most drawn to?  

I’d argue that it was probably the second image as there is more direct eye contact with you – am I right?

And now, what’s your opinion of the third set of images – which are you attracted to the most?

My expectation is that the right hand version grabs your attention the most.

What can we learn from this?

The key lesson is that as humans, we are attracted to things in a very similar way – that’s how marketing works.  As such, you need to take real care in how you project yourself in your profile image – remember it takes one SEC to click through or ignore!

Remember your One SEC – SMILE | EYES | CLOSE UP


With the quality of the cameras on most of todays smart phones, you will have all of the equipment that you need to ensure that the image that you include within your profile meets the One SEC approach.

As such, the one thing that you must focus upon is your backdrop and lighting.  Natural lighting is always better in my opinion and you should always choose a neutral backdrop. The later iPhones have a ‘Portrait’ mode that blurs out the backdrop and create sharp images.  

The final aspect to consider is what you are wearing.  Remember it takes a few seconds to make a first impression and most people make that first impression, based upon what they see.  As such, dress in a professional manner if you want to project a professional image, which I’m sure that you do.  Hoodies and Baseball caps may be OK for Facebook, but remember who you are trying to attract – potential future clients and employers! 

Play around until you are happy with your choice and upload your new image onto your Linkedin profile (as well as any other online profiles you have including #TLH)